One of Finland’s most distinctive saxophonists Mikko Innanen bids farewell to 10+ orchestra and introduces his new band Autonomus. Fiasko Records will release I-XXX, a whopping triplealbum composed for Autonomus and Pori/Malmi, a recording from Mikko Innanen 10+ orchestra’s last two live performances. Albums are celebrated at a record release concert in Balder Hall, Helsinki on 4 November.

Characterised by his unique projects, internationally acknowledged Mikko Innanen presents his new ensemble Autonomus, which is a band of four, a series of compositions and a musical philosophy all at the same time. Joining Innanen are long-time friends Peter Bruun, Antti Lötjönen and Håvard Wiik. The quartet, formed by great Nordic talents, explores and interprets Mikko Innanen’s compositions autonomously as their name suggests.

The starting point for new tracks were Innanen’s hand-drawn musical staves. During winter and spring 2019 Innanen composed 40 new songs that were all recorded within three days. Most of the compositions were recorded in one take and the series grew naturally into a triple-album. Music on the album flows forward as an irresistible collective wave where most of the time everyone is playing simultaneously.

The process of composing included a strong will to shake off the digital rat race of today, and not to valuate musical ideas; what ever is to come, comes. The same objective goes to performing these compositions. I want to make music no one is leading. Every musician is their own autonomic unit that has its complete freedom to interpret the music I wrote in their own way, come what may”, describes Innanen.

As the new band is realised, Mikko Innanen 10+ is saying goodbye as a live orchestra. To celebrate the sevenyear journey of the group, recordings of the last two performances of Mikko Innanen 10+ will be released as a full album.

This album contains some of my most essential compositions, where all of my great musician friends in the band have space for personal interpretation. Playing with a large ensemble is festive and energising and I hope that comes through from the recording.

Mikko Innanen (b. 1978) has created an extensive career as a saxophonist, composer, band leader and soloist. Innanen has been involved in more that 50 releases and successful bands like Mikko Innanen & Innkvisitio, Mikko Innasen Maakuntauudistus, Delirium, Gourmet and PLOP. Playing together with Innanen in Autonomus are bassist Antti Lötjönen (Antti Lötjönen Quintet East, Ilmiliekki Quartet, Aki Rissanen Trio), Danish drummer Peter Bruun (All Too Human, Django Bates Beloved, Marc Ducret) and Norwegian pianist Håvard Wiik (Håvard Wiik Trio, Atomic, Motif).

Record release concert 4 November at 7 p.m.
Balder Hall, Aleksanterinkatu 12, 00170 Helsinki

Mikko Innanen Autonomus
Mikko Innanen, sax / Håvard Wiik, piano / Antti Lötjönen, bass / Peter Bruun, drums
Organised by Helsinki Jazz ry