Gnomus: II
  • FRCD-17
  • CD (digipak)
  • Release date:
    March 27, 2004


  1. Sirens (22:58)
  2. Hypnos (10:04)
  3. Trauma (15:54)


  • Mika Kallio - drums
  • Kari Ikonen - keyboards
  • Esa Onttonen - guitar

Produced by Gnomus.

Ⓟ© 2004 Gnomus


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Review Highlights

The playing is precise and fiercely complex, yet at the same time spare and efficient... II is both disquieting and hypnotic, like a cold troubled sleep from which it's impossible to wake.

- Aural Innovations

Gnomus again prove to be pushing at new frontiers and breaking them... They are definitely an act to keep an eye and ear on!

- Audion

Very recommended to fans of strikingly original dark music.

- New Gibraltar Encyclopedia Of Progressive Rock

... their surreal B-movie horror improvisation intrigues and seduces with wit, utter strangeness and puzzle-like structures.

- All About Jazz