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Cat. no Year Artist: Title Format EAN
FRCD-1 2000 Gnomus: GnomusOut of print! CD (digipak)
FRCD-2 2000 Nuijamiehet: Nuijamiehet CD (jewel case)
FRCD-3 2001 Gourmet: Glamour & Decadence CD (digipak)
FRCD-5 2001 Kari Ikonen: KarikkoOut of print! CD (digipak) 6417698019056
FRCD-7 2001 Ahava: Ahava CD (digipak) 6417698019070
FRCD-11 2002 Delirium: Delirium CD (digipak)
FRCD-13 2003 Esa Pietilä Trio: Direct CD (jewel case)
FRCD-17 2004 Gnomus: II CD (digipak) 6417698040173
FRCD-19 2004 Gourmet: Six Acres of Broken Hearts CD (digipak) 6417698040197
FRCD-23 2007 Mikko Innanen & Mika Kallio: Scratch CD (jewel case)
FRCD-29 2007 Gnomus: Diagnosis CD (jewel case) 6417698071177
FRCD-31 2007 Esa Pietilä Trio: Travel of Fulica Atra CD (jewel case) 6417698071214
FRCD-37 2008 Mika Kallio: Mika Kallio CD (jewel case)
FRCD-41 2009 Esa Pietilä: Karhea CD (jewel case) 6417698091908
FRCD-43 2009 Mikko Innanen & Mika Kallio: Silence CD (cardboard sleeve)
FRCD-47 2009 PLOP: An sich CD (digisleeve)
FRCD-53 2011 Halme/Innanen/Korpipää: Piknik CD (digisleeve)
FRCD-59 2011 Gourmet: Cosmopolitan Sideshow CD (digipak) 6417698114713
FRCD-61 2013 Kahden Miehen Galaksi: Um Jepa CD (digipak) 6417698114676
FRLP-67 2013 Kallio Slaaki: Polymania For Percussion Vinyl
FRLP-71 2013 PLOP: Per se Vinyl
FRCD-73 2015 PLOP: Unicorn CD (digipak)
FRCD-79 2015 Mikko Hassinen: Jazz For Utopia CD (digipak)
FRCD-83 2018 Gourmet: En garde CD (digisleeve) 6430017002140

Total releases

Total releases are limited edition CD-R’s, digital singles and other releases which are not part of the main Fiasko catalog (see above).